Ever wonder...

how children can listen to the things they like over and over without getting bored. They are able to be entranced by the same bedtime stories, the same ghost stories, the same stories about animals or trains night after night.

The clinical explanation envolves the human need for security and stability. In fact, studies have shown that children with stable consistant environments and activities,(with very few exceptions), turn out to be stable adults. Adults growing up within unstable environments have a more difficult time. Psychologists therefore agree that young children need a degree of "same-ness" in order to be healthy.


The Children's Audio Book Collection

by Gordon Goodman


These simple, funny, sometimes even a little twisted stories reach out and grab a child's attention. Then...the plots and characters start to do their job...

Uniquely designed to be listened to over and over, these cleverly devised plots contain situations all children encounter: social pressure, loneliness, low self-esteem, fear, jealousy, the need to prove oneself, etc.. By listening, a child actually begins to absorb solutions to these situations without knowing it. Solutions that evolve into a life-long patterns of self-confidence, empathy, and stability.

This is what makes Gordon Goodman's books so unique.

His fascinating background gives him the almost magical ability to conjure up stories so interesting that the listener drifts. It is in this "drifting" state that the central theme of each story can be soaked up on a subconscious level.

It's not subliminal. There is no hidden dialogue. It's better than that because nothing is hidden.

You can trust it. It all happens naturally.


This collection is currently in use in elementary schools and is an incredible tool for teachers.

They are the perfect companions for your child in the car.

They are the ultimate bedtime stories.


Provide your child, or a child you love, with a new and exciting world of wonder and laughter that will last them a lifetime.


*NuWerks guarantees you'll love these stories, or return them for your money back!


A security blanket of sound and imagination.


The Children's Audio Book Collection

by Gordon Goodman