"We are meaning-making machines. Without understanding the meaning behind things we have a hard time living in the world. If I can break down the world into its smallest denominators, often what looks complicated is childishly simple.  Sometimes only be bringing someone into a fairytale - can you help people understand reality.  This is the basis for all art.


Gordon Goodman wrote his first musical at age 11, composing extensive piano concertos by age 13. He was a baritone soloist with symphony orchestras by age 16, going on to perform live or record with organizations such as the: London City Symphony, Prague Symphony, West Side Symphony, Pasadena, Phoenix, Utah, San Diego Symphonies; Los Angeles Baroque Orchestra etc.. Plus he contributed to the movie soundtracks of: Flatliners, Dracula, The Postman, Star Trek VI, Star Trek Generations, Twister, Independence Day, Devil's Advocate, Sum of All Fears, A.I, and Triple X. He has worked under composers: John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith, Jerry Herman, John Rutter, Jester Hairston, Randy Edelman, and Bruce Broughton to name hyst a few. In fact, Henry Mancini was once his personal accompanist.

Gordon has performed dozens of professional stage roles across U.S., such as: the Prince and the Wolf in Into the Woods, Charlie in Annie get Your Gun, Jud in Oklahoma, Dr. Craven in Secret Garden, Lancelot in Camelot, the Duke in Big River, Matt Burke in Anna Christie, the Professor in Gilligan's Island, the Musical, Pierre for the LA Opera in The Merry Widow, and Jigger in Carousel, and was instrumental in developing the role of Gaston for the stage version of Disney's Beauty and the Beast. On television he had co-starring roles in: The New Family Affair, Century City, General Hospital, Passions, Man Trouble, 21 Jump Street, In Living Color. He has worked on stage or screen with performers such as: Bob Hope, Jack Nicholson, John Raitt, Ed Asner, Johnny Depp, Rich Little, Jim Carrey, Steve Martin, Leslie Uggams, Tim Curry and many others, and has appeared in 25 television commercials to date.


Dr. Goodman has B.A. in Business, a Masters in counseling psychology, a Masters in media psychology, and a rare Ph.D. in psychology that combines clinical, biological, and social perspectives adapted to media, entertainment, and communication. He was trained as a certified hypnotherapist through the UCLA Medical School and has worked with many celebrities in the entertainment business. He has been certified with Carnation Genetics, hold a Brokers license and has toured the U.S. giving lectures on subconscious behavior. He is a black belt in Karate and studied extensively in hand-to-hand combat. He has developed or participated in many corporate events with clients such as: The Walt Disney Company, Ford, Bayer, Macmillan & Sons, J.C. Penny, Jack in the Box, Merrill Lynch, Century 21, The City of Los Angeles, Coldwell Banker, Chicago Natural History Museum, Chef America, and WDI.

Dr. Goodman was also a member of the Disaster Action Team at the AstroDome immediately following Hurricane Katrina.

He has many  copyrights for music, scripts, and books, and he owns the trademark "HypnoCast" creating a variety of educational products. He has composed and recorded concept albums with stars from Phantom, Sunset Boulevard, the Scarlett Pimpernel, Wicked, The Addams Family, and many others. He is the author of the self-help coloring book, Invasion of the Belief Creatures, and the novels, The King of the Northern Lights, The Knights of Royal Pond, and his newest book Stage Fright: Who Needs It, where he published findings from the largest scientific study of elite musical theatre actors and stage fright. He is also the author and illustrator of many children's books, including Opera Goats, The Fish Who Had Fingers, and the book, Emma and the Gobbletygoos, he wrote for Retinoblastoma International recorded on audio with the stars of Days of Our Lives.  Dr. Goodman wrote, art directed, and co-produced The Puffy the Pillow Show pilot for television, as well as directing the animated trailer for King of the Northern Lights composing the soundtrack recorded with the Sofia Radio Orchestra in Bulgaria.

Dr. Goodman has recieved special commendations from the California State Senate and the California State Assembly for his contribution to the arts.  His photography, charcoal portraits, paintings, illustrations, and sculptures are in private collections across the country. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, formerly a Rockette at Radio City in New York currently a choreographer for the Walt Disney Company. He has two children.


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