A Monster in the House


Count Drandisky, a vampire, has just moved in next door. And what a nice neighboring vampire he is, too. He's decided to fly over for a visit and tell you a little story!

A Monster in the House tells of a monster that crawls out of the bathtub to live under your bed. This sounds kind of scary, but what if your monster stops scaring you? What kind of a person do you become when you no longer have fear? And if you have no fear, what kind of creature would be the best pet to have in the dark?

A Monster in the House is a fun thrill ride for your child as they go from being too frightened to go to the bathroom at night--to being the owner of a Monster Circus!

Parents will enjoy this story as much as the children, as they listen to the screeches, the screams, and the growls of monsters as they enter your house for a visit. This book is designed to be a parent's tool for any child afraid of the dark. This audio version of the book makes monsters so much fun, your child may never fear the dark again.

(Age Range: 5 thru 10)


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