Where is Herbert Going?



Herbert the Snail was bored.

All snails follow trails. That's how they know where to go, but Herbert wanted to start his own trail. He wanted adventure!

We all know doing new things is an odd mixture of 'scary and exciting'

Herbert the Snail is the adventure of a tiny snail who sets off on his own but gets more than he bargained for. Dogs, cats, skateboards, lawnmowers, loneliness and despair face Herbert, but all's well that ends well in Gordon Goodman's world. Herbert does more than find adventure. He finds the most beautiful garden his snail friends and family have ever seen.

A beautifully produced audio version of the children's book, Herbert the Snail is an unforgettable story with sound effects enough to keep any child hypnotized no matter how many times they hear it.

Age Range: 3 thru 8

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