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This hand-sculpted dragon head is mounted on your wall. It is very heavy and is approximately 18" in diameter. Hand made. Item # 11 weighs approximately 30 lbs

This is the Gargoyle Door Guard. Your own private Gargoyle sits above your door and protects your room against evil night and day! Item# 12

This is the Gargoyle Lightswitch Cover. This Gargoyle will defend any room against monsters and bad things while the lights are out! Fits any standard lightswitch. Hand made. Item # 13

This is the Angel Lightswitch Cover. Have your own Guardian Angels to watch over you whild you sleep. Fits any standard lightswitch. Handmade. Item # 14

This is a wall hanging made from the finest plaster available. Each piece is hand finished and measures 37" by 21" and weighs approximately 30 lbs. Item # 15

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